Process and Timeline

​​The Emerging Europe Awards is a unique initiative to raise the profile of Central & Eastern Europe on the international stage, as well as highlight and reward progress and best practice in the region.

Stage 1: Application

Deadline: April 2018

Entry is free of charge.

Emerging Europe reserves the right to reject applications if the application does not fit the criteria.

Stage 2: Announcing the Nominees

Date: May 2018

A team of Emerging Europe experts will carefully analyse each application and choose up to 10 (ten) nominees in each category.

Each nominee will be informed directly, and the full list of nominees will be published on the Emerging Europe Awards website.

Stage 3: Juries Choose the Winners

For all categories except ‘National Investment Promotion Agency of the Year’ and ‘Lifetime Achievement’ the winners will be chosen by jury vote.

Each category will have its own jury made up of high-level professionals inside and outside the region who know the category well.

There is no limit to the number of jury members per category. Jury members vote electronically by sending their choices directly to the Auditor. Voting is anonymous. Emerging Europe is not involved in the voting process and is only informed of the results.

Stage 4: Announcing the Winners

Date: 22 June 2018

The nominees will be presented at the Emerging Europe Awards ceremony at the EBRD headquarters in London, with the winner invited onto the stage to collect the award.

Jury Members

A jury member must be an expert in or have in-depth knowledge of, the category in question. His or her professional biography will be displayed on the Emerging Europe Awards website.


There can only be one jury member per company or institution per category. The jury member must be a senior expert (manager or above) on the subject in the company or institution.

Jury members can come from any field of expertise relevant to the category. However, a

jury member cannot vote in a category in which his or her company or institution is nominated or has a project nominated.

Each company or institution can provide jury members for more than one category. One person can be a jury member on maximum three categories. He or she can be based in any geographic location.